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NQ Organics

NQ Organics

There’s nothing quite like having your very own skin care products tailored to your specific skin type and needs, but that’s exactly what spa owner, make up artist, and cosmetologist Nigar Qureshi can offer — and better still, her range is completely natural, organic, and animal cruelty free. Being in this field around 30 years, Qureshi knows that every skin type is different and so started to create her own line of organic foundations, concealers, and face creams that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each of her clients. Her products (which cost around $500) include an organic blend for anti-aging, a detoxifying and clarifying cleanser for acne prone skin, chamomile moisturizer for calm skin, and a soothing night cream. As she believes every skin type is different, she invites clients into her spa for a consultation ($250) so she can carefully examine their skin and determine their skin type and requirements. She then creates a product using her range of essential oils and ingredients which include shea butter, rose hip oil, white clay, frankincense, virgin coconut oil, walnut oil, and pear powder to name a few. As if that wasn’t enough to lure you to her spa, she also offers heavenly facial treatments which use the very same custom made products.
The Magic of Massage Therapy

The Magic of Massage Therapy

The Magic of Massage Therapy Researchers show best treatment with no issues , no side effects. Massage therapy takes over where a spa massage leaves off. This form of alternative medicine can help ease pain associated with headaches, body pains, and fibromyalgia. At the end of a stressful week, a relaxing massage might be just what you need. For people coping with injuries or chronic pain, however, massage therapy can serve as a form of alternative medicine, not just a soothing treat. Nearly one in 10 people have used therapeutic massage for many conditions, including stress, anxiety, pain, and sports injuries. One survey revealed that about 60 percent of those who used massage therapy felt that, in combination with standard medical care, it could improve their health. Massage Therapy: What Is It? In massage therapy, a trained therapist applies pressure to the muscles and other soft tissues to help heal underlying conditions. There are more than 80 different forms of massage therapy which are practiced in Spa BPZ with it’s combination, including shiatsu, Swedish, pressure point, and deep-tissue massage. Massage usually is intended to decrease pain, relax muscles, and let blood and oxygen flow freely to that area of the body. Healing techniques involving massage are thousands of years old and have been mentioned in ancient texts from Egypt, Rome, China, Greece, India, and Japan. Massage Therapy: When Is It Used? Massage therapy can be used to address a number of different health problems, including sports injuries and chronic pain. According to Schneeweiss, massage therapy is the type of alternative medicine most often acceptable to conventional doctors. Massage Therapy: Is It Effective? Massage therapy has been shown to be effective in varying degrees. Massage can help:
  • Relieve lower back pain. Therapeutic massage has been shown to be useful in alleviating lower back pain.
  • Ease migraine headaches. Some research suggests that massage therapy, in combination with other treatments, can help offset pain associated with migrainesand other chronic headaches.
  • Reduce shoulder pain. Shoulder massage has been shown to help reduce pain and improve range of motion.
  • Reduce pain and symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. One small study showed that a 15-minute professional massage once a week for four weeks, with additional self-massage therapy at home, improved pain and muscle weakness due to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Ease pain in cancer patients. A study of 380 adults with advanced cancer, some of whom were in hospice care, showed that massage therapy, provided by trained massage therapists, helped to reduce patients’ pain and improve their mood.
  • Ease fibromyalgia symptoms. Some studies support the use of massage therapy to reduce muscle stiffness and pain in women with fibromyalgia.
Although massage therapy has few side effects, people who have blood clots, tend to bleed or bruise easily, or are at risk of fractures should check with their doctor before scheduling a therapeutic massage. Pregnant women should also talk to their doctors before undergoing massage therapy. Massage Therapy: What Should I Expect? Massage therapy sessions typically last between 30 and 60 minutes but may be as lengthy as two hours. Some massage therapists can come to your home or job; others may require you to visit their office in a clinic, hospital, or fitness center. A massage therapist usually creates a tranquil atmosphere, with calming music, relaxing scents, and soft lighting. Fully or partially clothed, you will lie on a specially designed massage table or sit in a specially designed chair. All this facilities are available at Spa BPZ.    

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