Why Must You Consider Ipl Laser Hair Removal for Permanent Hair Reduction?

Why Must You Consider Ipl Laser Hair Removal for Permanent Hair Reduction?

In today’s world, the entire idea of soft and smooth skin has become very common, almost necessary. But all those wishes don’t get fulfilled because of the growth of unwanted and irritating hair on the body. Over the years, there have been so many ways to remove undesired hair from the body, but none of them furnish permanent results. That is, till the time medical science came up with a method for permanent hair removal – laser treatments!

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a permanent system of eliminating hair from the entire body. In this procedure, a bright beam of laser light is shone upon the skin, which burns down the hair follicles completely. With new medical advancements, traditional laser machines are now equipped with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL laser).
Through IPL, a high output flash device (called spot) is used to create a broad wavelength of light that is directed towards the end of the device. It, then, releases the pent up energy pulses on the skin. This ensures that the process covers a wide area at one time. Through this, the hair gets weaken while it is growing, and thus, the follicles are destroyed as well.
This device is easy-to-use and shows results from the first few sittings itself. However, not all follicles are at their Anagen phase at the same time, and so, several back-to-back sessions are suggested to derive optimum results and get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Why is IPL laser hair removal a great option?

IPL laser hair removal has a lot of advantages, making it one of the best ways of permanent hair removal. Some of those benefits are:

  1. Permanent results: Since the process focuses on the area to be treated, the converted heat energy can penetrate through the skin and reach the root of the hair to damage the papilla (the pore that produces hair). The papilla, once damaged, will not be able to regrow hair naturally.
  2. Safe to use: Permanent laser hair removal in Hong Kong is performed with IPL for its ease of access. The procedure takes a short while to complete and utilizes easy-to-use and handy equipment. It is an extremely safe method.

You can return to your home right after the entire laser hair removal is over. Recovery, though, takes a bit more time and that is why it is always suggested to take extra care of the skin, after the operation. Make sure you apply sunscreen of a high SPF whenever you go out in the open, as your skin will remain tender for a few days.

Conclusion: Although it is an effective and quick procedure, the results and permanency depend on each person’s own skin’s acceptance. Spa BPZ, a beauty and health solution haven, is the perfect place for the IPL laser hair removal in Hong Kong.

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