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Tips To Find The Perfect Concealer and Foundation Shade

Tips To Find The Perfect Concealer and Foundation Shade

“Makeup is girl’s best friend, diamonds follow!” 

This quote by celebrity makeup artist Nigar Qureshi is almost like a sacred chant for women of today’s time. Foundation and concealer are two of the most important steps in our makeup routine. Both these products are used to even out the skin tone and conceal blemishes, creating a clean slate for the makeup. That is why for these products to blend with our skin, it is crucial to pick a concealer and foundation shade closest to our natural skin-tone.

Choose Your Perfect Concealer

When you are choosing your concealer, make sure it is not chalky or greasy. Also ensure that the products undertone is not too white or too pink on your skin. The ideal concealer shade should be lighter than your foundation. It is tried and tested that yellow-toned concealers are perfect for covering under-eye circles. Go for concealers that give you a lot of coverage, lest it becomes difficult for you to build up. It is also useful to note that picking the perfect concealer doesn’t need too many swatches, unlike a foundation.

Many women just use concealer and skip foundation altogether. While this is a general practice, it can result in uneven skin-tone, even after your blemishes are out of plain sight. The perfect concealer is supposed to be sheer and build-able. Keep dabbing the concealer on the spots where you want to work with and then build it to the time you can’t see your blemishes anymore.

Choose The Foundation That Best Suits You  

The base of any makeup is foundation. It prepares the skin for makeup to be applied, and that is why it is vital to find the accurate shade and formula. To get the most natural results, choose a foundation that is light in the formulation and build it up. The only way to get a precise shade is by selecting the one that matches and blends into your skin.
Some of the important things to keep in mind before you pick your foundation is your skin type, texture, and tone. Any brand that creates long-lasting formulations is your best friend when it comes to you keeping the makeup on for a long time. Stay away from the pink tones, especially if you have an olive or yellow skin-tone.

For a more detailed guide here are some pointers on skin undertones and foundation shades:

1.Cool undertone: If you see hints of blue, pink or red on the veins at the base of your palm, then you have cool undertones. To compliment this, the foundation should look ever so slightly pinkish in the bottle

2. Warm undertone: If the base tone of your skin is yellow or gold, you have warm undertones. To compliment this, the foundation shade should have a very subtle yellow or golden tone.

3. Neutral undertone: If there’s a mixture of both warm and cool hues, or your undertone is the same color as your actual skin color, then you fall into the neutral category. To compliment this, it is best to choose a foundation that is neither pink nor yellow toned, however most tones suit neutral toned skin.

The six most common types of foundations in the market are:

1. Liquid Foundation– This well-loved traditional foundation is extremely versatile and suits all skin types. Available as a thick liquid in a bottle, these are easy to use and can be formulated for a matte or dewy finish. The one you pick depends on your skin type, but if you have dry skin it is best to opt for a dewy finish.

2. Cream Foundation– Perfect for those who have dry skin, cream-based foundations provide substantial coverage to the face. Also available in the compact form, you can work the foundation evenly on the skin.

3. Stick or Cake Foundation– With a higher drying effect, these are ideal for long –lasting high coverage. Known to be a useful item to remove any blemish from, this leaves a matte effect on the skin. The texture of this foundation is such that, if chosen in a different shade, can also be used as a concealer.

4. Waterproof Foundation– This is for the people who are always out in the sun and sweat a lot. Such a foundation also works great during summers when the humidity is high as the water-resistant formula is excellent to add a hint of glamour to the skin.

5. Spray Foundation– Perfect for a smooth finish, Nigar Qureshi was the first to introduce airbrush foundation to Hong Kong. Spray over make-up for instant touch-ups if required.

6. Mineral Foundation– Also known to be an age-old technique used to best suit acne-prone skin, loose mineral foundations can be applied dry or wet, as a full-coverage sunscreen as well. The minerals used in such a foundation are zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and even mica.

Once you are sure of the foundation formula you are going for, it will be easy to pick the one that is closest to your skin tone. No matter what the shade of foundation you choose, the trick to have natural results is to blend it well with the skin.

If you are worried about not being able to choose the perfect shade of concealer or foundation, don’t worry. Celebrity makeup artist Nigar Quershi, with over 30 years of experience in the field, creates personalised foundation and concealer shades which you can get your hands on. These shades are made keeping in mind the skin type and tone of the client, using the most natural pigments to ensure that the formula suits the skin.

Conclusion:Picking the right shade of foundation and concealer is very important to ensure that you don’t end up looking caked or washed out. Get yourself the foundation that suits your skin the most, contact Nigar Qureshi and Spabpz to know more.

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