Everything You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

Everything You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

Uneven skin tone, rough skin texture, sun damage, and wrinkles are a part and parcel of everyone’s lives due to the soaring amount of stress, and pollution the skin is subjected to. All these factors cumulatively account to the signs of ageing. There are numerous ways which can make this situation better, but Microdermabrasion beats all other temporary methods.

What is Microdermabrasion?

A very commonly overheard term, Microdermabrasion is responsible to exfoliate and remove the layer of dry and dead skin cells from your face. This minimally invasive process is used to renew the skin texture and tone, making you look brighter by the day.

In this procedure, a special applicator with a coarse-grained surface is used to sand away the outer layer of the skin enveloped in dry cells. This helps rejuvenate the face.

Another way of performing this treatment is by spraying tiny crystal-like particles of Sodium Bicarbonate or Aluminum Oxide on the targeted area with the help of a vacuum or suction device.

What are the concerns treated by Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a“remarkably”safe procedure that can be implemented on most skin types. The concerns that are usually suitable for the treatment include:

1. Stretch marks

2. Hyper-pigmentation

3. Age spots

4. Brown spots

5. Sun damage

6. Fine lines

7. Wrinkles

8. Acne scars

9. Melasma

10. Dull and uneven skin texture and tone

Different types of Microdermabrasion treatment

The best part about a Microdermabrasion treatment is that it can be performed by a licensed skin care professional and does not take more than one hour to complete. The various devices used for the procedure meets the demands of the type of concern that needs to be treated. The most popular among them are:

  1. Crystal Microdermabrasion: This process refers to a crystal-emitting hand-held device that is used to spray on the fine crystals used for rejuvenation, to rub away the outer layers of the skin. The dead skin cells, upon the usage of this device, get suctioned off immediately, delivering natural-looking results.

2. Diamond MDA: This device gently peels off the outer thick dead layer of the skin by suctioning them off. The pressure that is applied to the device when in use and the duration of the suction may affect the depth of the abrasion. This device is perfect for sensitive facial areas like the eyes.

3. Hydra dermabrasion: Among all other processes, this is a new and improved method. It combines simultaneous crystal-free exfoliation and dermal infusion of products for the best results. This is to ensure that enough collagen production is stimulated and your skin gets the maximum blood flow.

A certified aesthetician from distinguished clinics would be able to diagnose your condition the best and determine which treatment would suit you the best.

What happens after the process is complete?

A crucial detail to note about Microdermabrasion is that there is little to no downtime after the procedure. Shortly after the therapy is done, you can resume your regular life. Just keep in mind that after your Microdermabrasion treatment is over, your skin is hydrated at all times.

As advised by your aesthetician, try to use gentle products to guarantee the best care for your skin in this post-treatment sensitive time. Do not forget to use sunscreens with a high SPF whenever you go out in the sun. Even though the results are notable from the first session itself, it would take a few back-to-back sessions for optimum results.

Conclusion: Microdermabrasion is most beneficial when performed by trained and expert aestheticians in the field, who are well versed with their job. Spa BPZ is the best place you can trust when you want to opt for such a procedure.

Why not try our patented signature Crystal Microdermabrasion treatment! We replace Aluminum Oxide with Pearl Powder which boosts the skins radiance and is better for your skin. Get in touch, to know more.


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