Glam Girl Halloween Make up Trend

Glam Girl Halloween Make up Trend

Here at Beauty & the Bar, we catch up with celebrity makeup artist, Nigar Qureshi, where she shares her thoughts on this hot “Glam Girl” Halloween makeup trend. B&B: Why do you think glamour makeup instead of “scary” makeup has taken over ? N.Q: From my experience, the ladies and young girls that are coming to me for makeup rarely ask me to do scary makeup on them. On the contrary, they always seem to request elegant and beautiful looks like Sleeping Beauty, princesses, or something fun like Wonder-Woman. For the past five years, more and more clients are asking for dramatic eye-makeup or some floral design on side of their face (think fairies and garden nymphs). I think girls are finding it more important than ever to look their best for this occasion. Plus, in my opinion, since there will be lots of picture taking, don’t you want beautiful memories of yourself? Not only are my clients requesting for glamour makeup when attending Halloween events, but even beauty professionals are embracing this trend. I was in New York one Halloween night, and during that time I attended a competition that was held by Sephora. Most of us judges liked the pretty makeup looks over the “scarier” ones and agreed that “elegant is in”. “I THINK GIRLS ARE FINDING IT MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER TO LOOK THEIR BEST FOR THIS OCCASION”. B&B: What are the most popular Halloween glamour looks that your clients request? N.Q: Requests for Princess Jasmine and Cleopatra are most popular, and more recently, girls have been seeking inspiration from Hollywood celebrities. Last year, I had so much fun doing Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj looks. This year, some of my bookings include doing a Dolly look, Mermaid, and of course my personal favorite, Cleopatra. B&B: We know you usually don’t reveal your beauty secrets to just anyone, but could you give the readers here at Beauty & the Bar some tips on achieving one of these popular looks? N.Q: Nicki Minaj’s famous “Barbie Doll” look is definitely beauty-business (you would need to be skilled in the eyelash application department, but other than that her look is quite simple to achieve). Essentially, go with a bright color all over the lid (I like to use bright blue-green MAC eye shadow in aquadisiac because of its super shimmer pigment) and of course do not forget to use a base primer (I like using MAC’s paint pots). To replicate Nicki’s bright eyes, use white eyeliner along the lower waterline and inner corners. Nicki is well known for thick eyeliner across her lashline, so draw a thick black strip and flick it out with an extravagant wing. Finish with full lashes (I go withEsque Lashes #44 by MAC, or sometimes I stack up to 3 layers of lashes on top of one another!) Since she is known for her bubble gum lips, MAC’s Pink Nouveau or Saint Germain would be the perfect shade. For finishing touches, of course a pink wig is essential along with a pink bra strap and turquoise bling-bling. (photo – Princess Jasmine look)

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