Oxy Essential

Oxy Essential

What is Oxy Essential ? Oxy Essential is a revolutionized concept in well-being and relaxation. It promotes a positive lifestyle and reflects a decision to give your body and mind. …. A 20 minute vacation Hong Kong has long been regarded as having one of the most unhealthy environments in the world. The extended working hours, the endless socializing, the boundless traffic and noise, all challenge the mental and physical well being of its residents. Furthermore, oxygen makes up 21% of the air we normally breath . People who live in heavily polluted cities, like Hong Kong, are likely to consume less, approximately 14%. Oxygen is essential in maintaining a healthy and disease free body. Oxy Essential main objective is to help combat the effects of air pollution, stress and fatigue on our bodies. Oxy Essential combines the remedial benefits of oxygen inhalation (equivalent to breathing air), natural fruit fragrance and colour projection, concomitantly with other traditional relaxation techniques. These methods have been proven beneficial to the body, contributing to it’s well-being, making it more energetic and rejuvenated. For years oxygen sessions like Oxy essential have been used for anti-ageing purposes, jet-lag, enhancing athletic performance and stamina, as a remedy for hangover, fatigue and migraine headaches. Therefore, by visiting and experiencing Oxy essential, you create a body that looks and feels rejuvenated. How does Oxy Essential work? A small soft canula is positioned in the nasal passage. Oxygen is slowly passed through at a predefined rate and quantity. It is filtered through freshly pressed fruit juices of your choice, enhancing it with vitamins. The oxygen session can be enjoyed at the Oxy essential open bar or within the comfort of a private room. Private rooms come complimentary with a colour projection session while you breathe your oxygen. The colours chosen can be individually tailored to your needs; each representing a specific mood and producing a specific response. For example, the colour red, when projected onto your body, can increase your energy levels and enhance motivation. What is the Oxygen Bar ontology? Oxy essential is the place to meet and share a healthy time with your colleagues and friends. Alternatively, you can visit on your own, relax on a comfortable lounge chair, feel the various colours on your skin and finally breathe fresh air again. The results are immediate. You feel more awake, energetic and your skin even looks healthier. It also helps to eliminate and puffiness or dark shadows around the eyes. Who supports it? For years celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Madonna , Kirstie Harley, John Travolta and Woody Harrelson, just to name a few, have been strong supporters of oxygen sessions. Athletes and high level executives have advocated the use of oxygen to enhance performance.

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